Quality management

Quality management

Complex program practically proven "theory of error acumulation" works with all the possibilities that may affect product quality.

Among the most important are:

- Documentation quality

- parameters documentation to maintain a consistent quality product

- routine manufacturability of parts in the required parameters with evidence control dimensions directly on the machine

- structural processing options according to routine processing workshops

- routine assembly kits

- definition of the space in the documentation between poka-yoke and functional variability

- Realization quality

- selection of processing workshops according to their abilities routine

- transfer of information about problems and disagreements during realization

- supervising the production of parts that exceed routine manufacturing skills of workshops

- continuous supervising for the assembly files with functional variability

- functional test and setup the product, adjustment of parameters according to function in the final circuit

- Use quality

- consultation and authorization of functional connections - binding to other components in the hydraulic circuit

- check the location and storage of the product - the final load operation control machine

- transfer of knowledge from uses in product documentation

- consultations and training, of installation and service of customer - in some cases, has shown the practical necessity of this action

Part of the quality system is ISO 9001:2009 parent company SOLID Brno s.r.o.





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